Future Supply Chain 2016

“Future Supply Chain 2016,” published by the Global Commerce Initiative together with Capgemini, presents a new integrated supply chain model that takes into account sustainability parameters such as CO2 emissions reduction, reduced energy consumption, better traceability and reduced traffic congestion, as well as traditional measures like on-shelf availability, cost reduction and financial performance.

The big question is: What impact will these new parameters have on the design of future supply chains? The ambition of this report is to provide relevant thinking, ideas and examples to help answer that question.

Future Value Chain 2016 Report This new study follows an earlier report titled “2016: The Future Value Chain,” published by GCI, Capgemini and Intel. The integrated future supply chain model presented in the new study represents the tangible expression of the vision outlined in the earlier “2016″ report.

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Future Supply Chain 2016 ReportFuture Supply Chain 2016 ReportWhat does the current focus on sustainability have to do with on-shelf availability and costs in the physical supply chain for consumer goods? The answer is “everything.” Find out more in the new “Future Supply Chain 2016” study from the Global Commerce Initiative and Capgemini.
Future Supply Chain 2016 AppendixFuture Supply Chain 2016 AppendixThe freestanding Appendix contains further details of leading practices, example supply chains, calculation models, the integrated model and a glossary of terms and is designed to accompany the “Future Supply Chain 2016” report.
Future Value Chain 2016 Report2016: The Future Value Chain ReportThe speed of change and a sense of urgency will drive the evolution of the value chain over the next decade. Is the consumer products and retail industry ready? This new study, from the Global Commerce Initiative, Capgemini and Intel, defines a unique vision of the total value chain for consumer goods from manufacture to consumption.
Integrated Future Supply Chain ModelIntegrated Future Supply Chain ModelTo illustrate how all the improvements suggested in the “Future Supply Chain 2016” report can reinforce each other, the different calculation models have been combined into one integrated model.
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